3 Things to Beware of When Building a Rural House

Creating a home of your dreams can be an exhilarating and mind-boggling adventure, but it can also end in disillusionment and frustration if you are not sure what to expect. Although working with a trusted contractor can alleviate some, if not most, of the problems you may encounter, there can be three situations that blind-side you if you aren’t aware of them and the problems they can become. Here are three things you should be aware of when building a rural house.

Building Regulations

Whether your building lot is in a county, city, or province, there are regulations, codes, and laws surrounding the buildings you can put on the property, the placement of the buildings, and the commerce allowed in the area. Before you begin your building project, make sure you understand all the zoning regulations and other laws having to do with the property and streets adjoining the lot.

Obtaining Water

How complicated can water be? It all seems so straightforward until you begin researching city lines vs. digging a well, and then the whole process becomes confusing. If you are planning on digging a well, call a well pump service Tampa FL for a survey, soil testing, and mineral analysis. If you are connecting to the city water supply, you may have to call in specialists to dig trenches and lay pipes at least 24-30 inches below ground all the way to the main street.

Clearing Land

If there are trees and brush on your land, the clearing may be more extensive than you realize. That is because trees can send roots dozens of feet into the earth, and they have to be removed if the roots are under where you will build your home, or they will rot over time, and your home will settle. Plan on discussing leveling your land with your contractor as well.

Building the home of your dreams can be exciting if you are prepared for the adventure. The three tips above should help you survive any misadventures you encounter.