How to Decorate With a Floral Rug

Floral pattern rugs come in a variety of styles and look great in almost any room of the house. They are especially lovely when the spring season starts. If you’ve got your eye on a new floral rug but aren’t sure how to decorate with it, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Overdo It

Many floral rugs come off very bold, which is why they are such a great way to add life to an otherwise boring room. However, you will need to pay attention to other patterns in the room. Including too many different patterns such as dramatic stripes or polka dots will make the room look too busy or cluttered. Similarly, you don’t want all the other décor in your room to be bright and bold as well. Make sure to add some neutral colors and decorations to help balance it out.

Know the

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