What Type of Hardwood Floor Is Best for You?

Hardwood flooring is highly coveted in the current real estate market. It’s a huge selling point, and looks classy, too. If you don’t have hardwood in your own home and you’re thinking about installing it, how do you know what kind of wood to use? More goes into your decision than just light or dark wood.

Full Wood

Full wood is what most people think all hardwood floors are- completely wood all the way through. This style comes between 5/8 to 3/4 inches thick, so you can sand and refinish full wood flooring as many times as you like. The wood species needs to be strong, so your choices are limited to hardwoods: oak, ash, mahogany, maple and cherry. One prime example is monarch plank european oak.


If you are in a damp area, or looking to put wood flooring in your basement, you can turn to engineered wood. This means that a thin hardwood veneer has been applied to layers of soft wood, like plywood, that have been glued together. This gives it excellent stability and resistance to damage. However, because the hardwood is in a thin layer, that means you can only sand a refinish a couple times total.


Although it takes longer, there are good reasons to choose unfinished flooring for your home. If you want wood floors in your kitchen, it’s best to add finish after it is installed so that the clear coating will also seal the cracks and prevent water damage. Leaving a blank canvas on which to choose your stain can also help if you know you want wood but are undecided on the color or need to match with existing flooring.

Although there are a lot of options out there, it’s hard to go wrong with any category of wood flooring. Your durability and aesthetic needs will help you narrow down the field. There’s nothing stopping you from upgrading your floors today!