Which Mattress is Right for You? Lay on These 5 Types of Mattresses


A fantastic new mattress can improve your overall sleep, especially if your current mattress doesn’t offer you and your partner support, comfort, and firmness. Except for the adjustable models, most of the mattresses mentioned below range from $595 for a Twin-sized and go all the way up to $1,195 for a King or California King. Here is a detailed look into five different types of mattresses, their benefits and how you can improve your overall sleep by selecting the right one for you:

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

For those in need of great support and comfort, memory foam is a popular choice for the way it gradually conforms to your body as you sleep. Side-sleepers will love the shoulder, and hip support and everyone else will see how the memory foam contours to bodies of every size and sleeping preference. It’s like a light, pillows hug with the additional benefit that it resists sag and eliminates the need to flip.

Further Info: When you decide on memory foam, that’s not necessarily the end of the road. You may want a full memory foam mattress, or a hybrid with some layers made from other materials? Like gel, air, or a pillow top.

  1. Gel Mattress

In this kind of mattress, the gel is a separate additional layer within a foam mattress. It has a slightly different feel than your average memory foam because it helps dissipate body heat more effectively. If you’re selling your home to move to a warmer climate, you may want to take this mattress with you or buy all new gel mattresses when you arrive. If not, you can have your gel mattress delivered as well.

  1. Adjustable Bases

Adjustable base mattresses are considered the king of all mattresses, offering relief and support by allowing the user to elevate their head, raise your feet, or provide more back support. They are perfect for targeting sleep disorders, back pain, acid reflux, heartburn, and sleep apnea without disturbing the other sleeper. Most manufacturers even ask you what position you generally sleep in when you’re customizing it. If you’re looking into selling your house and getting into a new one, this may be the perfect solution to customize your beds base to your new master bedroom. Look for models that come with at least a 10-year limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

  1. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring (also, coil) mattresses use internal support of metal springs. The more springs, the higher quality the mattress because the distribution of coils will determine how well the mattress will conform to your body. Back, side and tummy sleepers can all be fitted with a matching innerspring mattress, but this is not the kind of bed you want to order online. Look for models that come with at least a 10-year limited warranty. Sleep Advisor just did a 2018 Innerspring Bed article about which is best.

  1. Pillow Top Mattresses

Side sleepers and those who need some back-alignment support may also like a pillow top mattress. Pillow tops are an additional layer of upholstery that you add to the top of an innerspring or coil mattress. They are very soft and cushiony, and while you can choose the level of softness for your pillow top, they do end up making the overall bed pretty tall.

There are more options for bedding out there such as waterbeds, sleep number beds and even the Purple mattresses that everyone seems to be raving about. But, if you’ve been lugging that 20-year-old mattress around moving house to house, it may be time to take a serious look at getting a new mattress to help your overall sleep and quality of life.